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How to Survive Your Own Gay Life


How to Survive Your Own Gay Life An Adult Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships

In this indispensable book, Perry Brass starts out with the basics: how to meet men now. (It’s easier than you think!)

How to have a relationship with one man (or several) that is both emotionally nourishing and sexually satisfying.

How to deal with financial problems, how to survive and even counter anti-gay violence on the street, at work, or at home, and how to arrive at a core group of feelings and beliefs that will keep you going in a difficult, often hostile, and misleading time.

A full loaded Swiss Army knife for gay survival.

The book for adult gay men. About sex and love, and coming out of repression; about surviving homophobic violence; about your place in a community, a relationship, and a culture. About the important psychic “gay work” and the gay tribe. About dealing with conflicts and crises, personal, professional, and financial. And, finally, about being more alive, happier, and stronger.

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The Manly Art of Seduction

One half hour can change your life!
The first half hour of meeting a guy can make the whole difference. The Manly Art of Seduction tells you how how to approach men (even when you’re nervous, shy, or unsure of yourself), how to judge what he’s feeling by looking at his personal body language, how to overcome his own male meeting problems, and how to obtain personal, emotional, and sexual satisfaction.

If you feel you re always waiting for someone else to make the first move, if you’re traumatized by fear of rejection and don’t have a clue how to open a conversation or open up a relationship, The Manly Art of Seduction is a must-have.

Brass explains male territorialism, and how it keeps men locked inside themselves. He tells you exactly how to use an understanding of male insecurities to your own advantage, allowing other men to feel secure in those very insecure first moments of meeting and negotiating closeness. He talks about making decisions yourself, and how these decisions can be used to make seduction possible and often even easy. He deals with the alien monster of rejection, and how to use mind pictures, exercises, and self-knowledge to rejection-proof your psyche.

At the end of most chapters are questions you can use to tailor this book to your needs, seeing your own progress as you come to master this art.

Although seduction is a part of most advertising and marketing today, Perry Brass has brought it to a place where we can find spiritual and inner nourishment through it, and where the chronic aloneness of much of today’s world can be changed into a state of genuine delight and deeper sexual and emotional connections.
The Manly Art of Seduction is for men who seek greater intimacy of the physical or emotional sort. Geared primarily for gay men, though extremely useful for straight and bi men and women, this primer provides step-by-step guidance targeted to a wide variety of potentially romantic situations, from the barroom, to the Internet chat room, to the bedroom.

You will learn: How body language, your own and his, works.
How to use the boundaries of male territorialism to your own advantage.
How to build confidence and security in yourself to keep from being devastated by rejection and your fears of it.
How to be confident, adult, in control, and seductive in a world that does not want you to be and why it doesn’t.
How to make the most of what you look like, and get results that prove it.
How to groom, dress, and act for seduction.
How to seduce a man in a crowded bar, a social situation, over dinner out, at home, or anyplace.
How to deal, seductively, with a disability, weight issues, penis size, erectile dysfunction, class, race and cultural differences, as well as with straight men, married men, monogamy, and threesomes.
How to become the balanced, secure, sexually successful person you want to be.
You’ll learn all of this in The Manly Art of Seduction, by Perry Brass.
Why waste another night?
Why spend another weekend alone? Why feel powerless with handsome strangers? Why not have the erotic and emotional life you’ve dreamed about?

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The Manly Pursuit of Desire and Love, Your Guide to Life, Happiness, and Emotional and Sexual Fulfillment In a Closed-Down World

How “kinky” are you? How afraid are you of expressing your own real self?

From the prize-winning, Amazon-bestselling author of The Manly Art of Seduction comes a full G.P.S. system for your own inner life, for your most secret places, where you can safely find the inner peace and emotional and sexual satisfaction you seek. 

Perry Brass sees sexuality as another form of worship, and successfully travels that difficult landscape between the spiritual fulfillment so many of us seek and the sexual happiness so many of us yearn for. Written not only for gay men, it will also appeal to bi, curious, and simply shy but adventurous guys as well as women who are exploring the full landscape of their own inner selves, their erotic imaginations, and their own place in an erotic universe.

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