Perry Brass

Perry Brass was a pioneer in the struggle for LGBT equality and happiness and has published 19 books that include poetry, fiction, speculative fiction, and non-fiction in the area of gay self-help. All of his work has stemmed from his experiences in the earlier years of the gay liberation movement; before it became influenced by big corporations and big money.  A time when being gay was a quest for your deepest most authentic self and the happiness that came directly from connecting with it. In his gay self-help books, Perry shares his insights as well practical knowledge on relationships, on growing into manhood within contemporary gay and mainstream cultures, and finding your own freedom and full expression in a fast-changing and often oppressive world.

This site is dedicated to his books that light the way. With books like How to Survive Your Own Gay Life, The Manly Art of Seduction, and The Manly Pursuit of Desire and Love, Perry’s is a supportive voice to guide you on the journey toward living your own best, most satisfying life.